Medals and Rewards

Running a trail in Rim Country is its own reward, but we do have medals and other prizes on the table.

Timing will be based on gun time for each wave utilizing the race|result 11 software.

All finishers will receive a finisher medal.

Short sleeve technical shirts will be guaranteed to all runners register online by April 21, 2019. Ladies cut shirts will also be available.

All registered runners get a burrito breakfast at the Pine Trailhead provided by the Mountain Village Foundation.

And you get swag! The swag bag will be a reusable shopping bag with a provided bib tag attached, and more stuff inside.

Medals & Plaques for the 5K race

  • Medals for top finisher in each 10 year age group
  • Plaque for top overall age-graded winner

Medals & Plaques for the 8.6 mile race

  • Medals for top 3 finishers in each 10 year age group
  • Plaques for top 3 female and male overall finishers
  • Plaques for top overall age-graded winner

Age Grading for Pine Trail Run

Age-Grading is a way of adjusting your running performance by taking into account the age and gender of runners. The 2015 Road Age Factors tables approved by the World Masters Athletics & USA Track & Field organizations are the authoritative source for age grading foot races.

Since trail running is more difficult then the street races that the tables are based on, we use the 6km age factors for the 5K race and 20km age factors for the 8.6 mile race. Your race time will be multiplied by the age factor specific to your age and gender resulting in an age adjusted time. For female runners, the age adjusted time is then multiplied by the gender factor, which is .87955 for 6km and .8959 for 20km, to arrive at the age & gender graded time.


  • A 45 year old female runs the course in 1:50:00, which is 6600 seconds. Per the table the age factor is .9293 so her adjusted time is 6600 x .9293 or 6133.38 seconds. Applying the gender factor, the final adjusted time is 6133.38 x .8959 = 5494.90 seconds, or 1:31:34.9.
  • A 45 year old male runs the course in 1:40:00, which is 6000 seconds. Per the table the age factor is .9344. His adjusted time is 6000 x .9344 = 5606.4 seconds, or 1:33:26.4.


  1. The 20km (12.4 mile) road factors are used to approximate the effort of the 8.6 mile trail race. Note that the factors for the distances of 10 miles through the half marathon varies by less than .1%.
  2. The gender factor is calculated by dividing the fastest male time in the table by the fastest female time in the table.